[Mixed Electronic and chillout stuff] Remastered Works 2007-2020


I went through lots of my old files to look for game music and decided to release some remastered or edited and some previously unreleased works (2007-2020):

I also collected the chillout tracks that I still like and made some new chillout versions without beats for other tracks:

Gonna push all this out on Routenote soon, too (thanks @1roomstudio ^^ ).


Wow, I thought I was the only one who released massive quantities of old stuff for fun. Remastered Works sounds pretty awesome, I’m going to download it and give it a straight-through listen later. Awesome stuff, and thanks for sharing this!


Listened to some of it.

Top notch.



Every song is well mixed well composed and has great sound design.

Those leads are wonderful.


Thank you both very much! Very happy that you like what you heard, that means a lot to me! :smiley:


How do you make those leads…serum? Bitwig synths?..

Sine wave modulation…

Or custom waveforms and lots of pitchshifting and resampling?

If you dont mind me asking…



Some of these are very old, so kinda hard to answer that question but in general there are a few things I’m often doing with leads:

  • as you expected, I often use wavetable synthesis with interesting waveforms and lots of slight modulation on oscillator and effect parameters ( LFO or more often envelopes with not-so-fast attack values), often done with Serum or Icarus 2
  • osc modulation in something like Bitwig the Grid def can also be nice for leads
  • EQ and filter modulation, filter types like comb and formant (or vocalic types in Icarus)
  • detune and unison (and the hyper/dimension module in Serum), often with slight modulation
  • glide and/or slight pitch modulation (envelopes or sometimes flutter/microshift stuff to give a more organic feel)
  • sometimes layering of different synths, then group processing with effects


Listening now to Chillout… wonderful soundtrack to open the studio on a Saturday morning.

Thanks for sharing these awesome tracks :star_struck::+1::sparkles:


Thank you very much @1roomstudio! I’m glad that you enjoy listening to these! Hope that OST gave support to the beginning of a wonderful weekend for you hehe!