Mix/Master Lufs


Hi what do some of you prefer towards an end mix for lufs and master?

I read online someone said for the end mix -23 and master -12

I try to ignore the numbers and just listen but would like to just aim to something for streaming releases


I mix at around -18 dB but I master to as close to 0 dB as I can get without clipping.


I’m not sure that 0db is possible in LUFS. You talking peak levels?

OP, I’m not sure where my mixes fall, probably around -20 if I had to guess, but that is just a guess.

For mastering, it depends on the track, but anywhere from -14 up to around -10 LUFS could be right. Just depends on what you’re after.


Oh yeah my bad I’m a VU noob lol. Gonna read up on LUFS.


For mixing/pre-master I aim for -14 db.


Cheers. I think 10 to -14 lufs sounds good for master. Because I know spotify brings all tracks to that level. I’ve started using that music player more


Sounds like a good aim.


This is a good helper:

I got myself the Pro version after using the free one for a while. Cheap & I like the software so I’m always happy to help small devs when I can. And the pdf export is a pretty cool feature :slight_smile:


I always mix & master around -14dB LUFS
there’s a great tool @ plugin alliance : A/B Metric with loads of platform codecs & levels to follow
you can A/B your master with a reference track loaded into the plugin to instantly check your levels & many other important informations for stream platforms.


i mix with my ears and watch a bit my pult so its not red in the master

i master to -14 db LUFS… depending on the music style a bit more could be okay.


it’s the best actually, you train your ear & hear the music with more accuracy …
it’s only a visual feedback to make some quick arrangements
i never spend too much time on those tools, i’d rather spend days on a good mix


yes great… it was exactly my point, don’t spent to much energy having the number correct and look to long on such tools

It took me years (and good monitors) to get an ear for that . It turns out now, that almost every mix i do is already in a good level. I really need only very minor tweaks for the master
And there i also use the Youlean to set it to the proper LUFS level