Mf doom rip


Damn, an awesome hip hop artist… gone.


2020 just had to get in one final blow : (


Passed away in October I heard…but also rip…and another thing he was quoted by mike lupica on msnbc…

Fun fact msnbc has started quoting hip hop artists.


I am curious to see if we hear more about why the family decided to delay the announcement. Personally, I don’t need to know cause of death.

@xSANTAxDURSTx yea, I mean, I defo like some 90’s gangsta rap…it all kinda lost me when it became bitches and money at the club (though I understand the evolution, the music came out of the ghetto and it became about starting legit business empires rather than drug empires). That’s when I went looking for like your MF Doom, Aesop Rock, types


yeah, i got into MF DOOM around high school when some coworkers turned me onto underground hip hop. Also, Atmosphere, Saul Williams, Aesop Rock of course, Madlib… I never cared for typical rap/hip hop where it’s all “bling, money, drugs, women”, “I’m a THUG”, none of its terribly interesting, but then I’m introduced to these mc’s who have interesting and clever lyrics, and the beats are cool too just generally more interesting


Ditto on the thug trend that started to become apparent in hip hop.

Found out via Talib kweli.
Dont forget black star, gang star and black thought…hip hop that makes you think.


yassss. all great name drops : ) and I think people used to call that “conscious” hip hop


Idk any modern conscious hip hop.

Now we have uzi vert and 21 savage. Lyric wise hip hop went sideways and downgraded…I hope that I’m wrong being I don’t listen to a lot it of it.


rip, I was lucky to see him live about five years ago, it was such an awesome show, just full of positive energy. I loved the persona, the multiple monikers and the vintage superhero cartoons obsession. He really was an interesting and creative artist.
I also noticed it took the family two months to announce the death to the world. I kinda wonder what happened, it’s hard to keep that kind of thing secret.


That’s awesome you got to see him live. I never tried hard enough to get out to where ever he might have been playing near me.


whoa, you got to see him live?! I don’t think he was ever out near me. I got into his stuff around late high school, and I mostly just would scope out albums when I’d find them.