Metapop Ceased from 30/04/2023 - Any vouchers :)


Just seen this - if anyones got a voucher they dont want or need ping it over please :slight_smile: Thanks

Dear music makers,

Thank you for your participation in our remix, production, and scoring challenges over the past 7.5 years! We were always thrilled to see your creative approaches to the 700 challenges we tossed your way, and we loved listening to and being inspired by the 280,000 tracks you shared! :astonished:

Today we’re sharing the news that metapop is winding down. Though it’s sad to say goodbye to a place where we have all had so much fun, we believe that our supportive community of 250,000 members is what’s most special! :heartpulse:A huge thanks for providing feedback to your fellow music creators, and we invite you to join us over at the Native Instruments Community to keep the conversation going.

In addition to the NI community, metapop mentor Sommerklänge and other volunteers have started a Discord server where former users of metapop and their friends can stay in touch, continue to talk about music production topics, give each other feedback on material they are working on, and keep on learning together: you can join them here.

To show our appreciation for you being part of metapop, we are giving you a $49 voucher to spend on Play Series instruments across the NI webshop.

Lastly, if you have tracks that you would like to download from metapop, you must do so by April 30, 2023 . After that date, you will not be able to access the platform.

Thank you again for being part of our community. :pray:

Best wishes and hope to keep hearing from you!

Everyone @ metapop


Not using any NI stuff so you can have mine. Gonna send you a PM with it.


In case anybody is interested, there is a post on the Sonic Lab Discord server about why NI/Soundwide closed Metapop. Short quote:

"After a slow but steady improvement on the back-end the team started to fantasise about new features and formats. Primarily with a focus on education rather than winning prizes (remember, Metapop Culture). For this new era of Metapop they finally sent out a survey in early January of this year.

Unfortunately, only 2 days after sending out the survey, the CEO of Soundwide called an all hands meeting regarding an expected economic down turn and a day later many Soundwide employees had been let go, including the entire Metapop team. A couple employees from Native Instruments were left in charge of Metapop with the order to take down the site. Everyone involved had to keep the news quiet until the official announcement while the community became suspicious. This was not only hard but also heart breaking to see unfold."


Tha you Meta… Think if they linked it to Crypto would have been fine. Ie Audio coin. :grin:
Vouchers appreciate tja k you.


The should have started selling NFTs for tracks :rofl:


Don’t worry, Audius is still going strong.

Seriously, sucks to hear that a place so many people enjoyed is going down. I did 2 or 3 tracks, but never got really into it. It was a valuable learning experience though, that much is true for sure, whatever else the platform promised.

I can see why a software company wouldn’t want to run a website that could be best categorized for business purposes as a sort of social platform. If you’re a label using this to scout new talent maybe I see it, but what’s the end game for soundwide? Work how a new product would have taken your track to the next level into all the feedback? All I see is dollars going out and not more dollars coming in when I put my accountant’s glasses on.


Is this like that Indaba site? I’m kind of surprised that I’ve never even seen this one before


Very true… I liked the site and uploaded like 5 tracks, participated in 2 competitions. I’m a bit angry because I participated in one remix competition and it said the track might be taken down bcz of copyright if I upload it to any other site…

I think the idea was more or less free advertisement for the NI products they offered for all competitions. And it might be the case that the most recent survey showed them that many people using the site don’t care so much for the prices and/or NI… [note to self: don’t participate in surveys for free sites if you are not planning to suck up to the businesses involved.]

@Slime: No idea what Indaba is, but a link to IDMf is that there were regular Beat Battles inspired by the IDMf BBs that had lots of participants over there…

If someone starts the BBs again here it might be an idea to look for more participants from Metapop and maybe start some kind of collab with the Sonic Lab Discord server for it (if they like the idea)… Just an idea…


Hey guys, is there anybody that would like to give their Voucher away? Unfortunately my Voucher expired before I even redeemed it - maybe because the are generated in a similar pattern and it got ripped…

I would appreciate it a lot :pray:t3::pray:t3:


Unfortunately I haven’t although they sent out follow up emails with vouchers codes again today, so maybe check your folders :thinking:


glad it ceased. The winners of the competitions were probably NI employees. It felt so fixed.
NI used to be my favourite dev, and put out some truly innovative groundbreaking stuff like Reaktor, Massive Battery etc…but now they’re just releasing libraries for kontakt. I think metapop went cos they’re tightening their belt and it wasn’t making them any money.