Mental health...thread

Mental health

Isnt an exact science…

Im not a therapist…

Do not webmd self diagnose yourself based upon internet discussions.

But yeah mental health has come into question due to the high connectivity of people these days as a result of smartphones and social media.

Pro tip dont turn off your phone and dont watch so much news or void browsing social media.

But yeah how much of it is artificial labels and how much of it is a genuine problem?

If it is a genuine problem what is due to poor social adjustment as opposed to actually having a problem?

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I think you can usually trust the sufferer, because most people aren’t lying about what is or isn’t difficult for them. I’ve had this come up a lot in my life (I’ve talked about it here, and my current avatar is a symbol for said issue due to it being a certain ‘awareness month’), and I’ve realized that there are a shitload of people who like to use this point to dismiss issues that other people are going through because they genuinely can’t relate to any of it.

This is too wide of a scope for me to weigh in on, but I do want to mention that pandemics, wars and all sorts of other stressors and feelings of ‘disconnection’ make everybody’s problems much worse. I doubt that people are ‘getting worse’ in the mental health department as a whole, but I think there are waves that society can get caught in, and it can lead to an exacerbation of symptoms for many types of mental problems.

With that said, diagnoses are getting better, so it can seem as though we’re evolving to have more issues and thus could be perceived as ‘weaker’ by some. For me however, I’d look at that as an opportunity for more people to seek treatment for whatever they’ve got going on, and to feel better, because I honestly think that leads to a better, stronger society. Or, if not, at least a well-connected one.

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Its not the sufferer of which im questioning…im more so questioning the diagnoser…

It might be possible that some… not all…might be taking advantage of people by overdiagnosing people of whom dont know any better.

Others may have experienced severe trauma and are forever changed by it of which i would say intensive psychotherapy is a better answer than just medicating without addressing the trauma…

And some just have difficulty adjusting to environmental stressors…of which i would say intensive psychotherapy is a better answer than medicating the problem away…

Some of these problems that people have can possibly be solved with psychotherapy…without medication…

Pharmaceutical companies do have a hand in this and the company sponsored research isnt all valid because the some of studies purpose is to somewhat justify and come up with a way for the company to make money.

Even academic peer review isnt perfect but id have more faith in academic studies sponsored by the govt… as opposed to academic studies sponsored by a private company if you catch my drift…

However sometimes medication for mental health is required but again the science isnt all there yet…but you are right it is a lot better than it used to be…

You make good points perhaps i should of made myself clearer.


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My work informed me its Stress Awareness Month. I wonder if they even get the irony :rofl: