[Mental Cinematic] Morgen Wurde "Für Immer" 2-CD album

Very glad to present my new double CD album featuring deep electroacoustics & virtuoso instrumentalists on the vibraphone, trumpet and (electric) violin :slight_smile:

Artist: Morgen Wurde
Album: Für Immer
Format: 2 CD (originals + remixes), digital
Label: Off, Brussels
Cat.no.: OCD045
Release: 10 April 2020
Style: cinematic ambient, modern classical / remixes: techno, bass
Cover artwork by Lawrence English (Room40)

Bandcamp 2CD / listen:

After appearances on the Pop Ambient 2019 and 2020 compilations on Kompakt Records, Morgen Wurde and his musical allies move on to score the unfathomable wonder of the Dasein. “Für Immer” is a further breakthrough to the core, emanating sounds which let dissolve all conceivable questions of man about life and death. Sounds that let all questions appear negligibly.

The immersive finds are channelled into ambient/space/drone music hybrids with neoclassical and jazz noir elements, sometimes crossing paths with messengers of transcendental sounds like Abul Mogard, bvdub, Fennesz, Gas, Rafael Anton Irisarri or Tim Hecker.

The elevating experience happens in Morgen Wurde’s electroacoustic spaces, hosting singular virtuoso instrumentalists. Creating the “Morgen Wurde” form of lyricism and haunting soundscapes, this collaborative exploration takes space music to new highs.

There are the stoically undulating sound masses, like the ambivalence of the awe-inspiring mysterious forces of nature, sometimes majestic, sometimes threatening. And there are the soloists, wandering through these sonic landscapes as masters of their art.

Files (split into originals / remixes):



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Introducing my collaborators on this album:

Doug Perry is one of the virtuoso instrumentalists whose empathy and individual ways of expression are essential parts of the pieces.
Doug is percussion professor and one of the most watched marimba and vibraphone players on Youtube. See him play the vibraphone also with a bow, as on track 6 “Glüht aus” of the album:

Another great piece on the marimba:

Tetsuroh Konishi plays the trumpet on 4 tracks… always surprising with new ideas, sensitivity and playing techniques, joining me for the third time on an album already. He elicits unusual sounds like laughter or wind noise from the trumpet, and in this piece he brings special suspense among the harmonies:

In this track we expanded his playing through time-stretching:

See Tetsuroh play the Tibetan horn in this occult performance:

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Introducing one more collaborator from this album:
Georges-Emmanuel Schneider scintillates as a versatile border-crossing violin explorer. He is often on the road worldwide with ensembles and projects in modern / contemporary classical music, performance art and improvisation, including CD recordings with music by Alban Berg and Bela Bartok, but also Bach. He is also at home with the electric violin, the exotic Stroh violin, and also pushs boundaries by shaping sound live through effect devices.

See him performing magic in a cosmic music ensemble with the enlightened Rajesh Mehta (on a electro-acoustic hybrid trumpet):

On my album “Für Immer”, he elevates the music to transcendent highs by forming a mystic amalgam with the underlying soundscapes in two tracks…

32:32 minutes of meditative, ever-morphing magic… :man_genie: The mighty Synthese Remix of my track “Schien Immer” - a bonus track on the Bandcamp release of this album :slight_smile:

I’m also blessed to have Maria Estrella Aggabao’s fairytale vocals already on each of my last 4 albums. With her expression and skills she spans an impressive range of styles. In the 00’s, she was the lead singer in hefty rock bands, later she sung in deep house and retrowave projects with Youtube plays up to a million. Recently she was more active performing live with Delta blues, which is almost solo singing, with sparse guitar accompaniment.

“Schien immer” was our contribution to the Pop Ambient 2019 compilation on Kompakt Records. On this recent album, this track appears for the first time unmixed on CD. Maria’s voice here fuses as a time-stretched layer with the instrumental to a cosmic flight of fancy, marking the epic finale.


Last but not least…
There’s David Strother on the electric violin on two tunes of this album. He played in movies including David Lynch’s “The Straight Story” and looks back on a long history playing this instrument in Californian jazz, swing and blues bands - yet his special passion lies in alternative styles. Like the other virtuoso instrumenalists on “Für Immer”, David brings unique elements of life and humanity to the recordings, adding his very personal spirit and vision:


Outstanding experimentalism. Cinematic and intelligent. You really are one of the truly megatalented artists on this board. I have come to envy your sound and style over the years. Keep making noise and I’ll keep listening.


Thanks so much, @Jazzyspoon …Means a lot, knowing each other for so long on this board. :slight_smile:
I almost died from sepsis last week out of the blue - therefore appreciating any kind connection all the more.
To the future!

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I must second Jazzyspoon’s comment - this really is awe-inspiring music.

I’m particularly enjoying Schwelt Ewig.

I’ve been finding myself enjoying this kind of dark and mystical style of Jazz. I recently fell in love with an album called Here by Dragons by The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble.

I look forward to hearing more from you, most definitely!

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Quite cinematic and luscious sounds on this one

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Thanks a ton, @psyber and @delikuvveti :+1::smiley:

The track “Schwelt Ewig” I also included in this mix on Headphone Commute, featuring epic tunes by Ryuichi Sakamoto, bvdub, Abul Mogard, ASC, Loscil, …