[Memphis Phonk] UZA-SH1 — HYPOSPRAY


So, I’ve been working on some new music and made this lovely little tune with a powerful, dusty beat and some nice melodies in the background.

When I listened to it on my TV, it felt like an earrape, to be honest, but you gotta try this one on various sound systems, like headphones or speakers for music.


If you want a video, I made one, too:

Yup, low effort OC, but that glitched up Blade Runner 2049 GIF really works with the mood of the track, haha.


If you don’t like it, you can check out the other tracks on my new channels and see if there’s something that you enjoy more.


Amazing quality
Nice beat as always i love it



Awww, thanks, man!

Naturally it wouldn’t be possible without a talented bunch of loop makers on Looperman, so I gotta credit them here, too, haha.

Glad you loved it. Got anything new for me to check out?