Member Releases - Listening Booth?

Hi, Just checking - it appears that the listening booth specifies that it is for works in progress. Is this where we post finished releases as well?

Currently the rule is the listening booth is made for feedback of WIPs or stuck-tracks. But… the member releases subforum really needs to come back… I liked hearing finished versions from everyone. @relic :wink: :wink: :wink:




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Yes defintely and glad it’s done. We just need the Live Mixes section now. I mean Relic…our mixes are waiting to get listened to :grin:

Member releases is for anything “finished”. Until IDMf has a huge influx of people posting DJ mixes they won’t get their own section. The forums new yeara resolution is to have less sub forums lmao.

So feel free to post mixes in Member Releases :slight_smile:

Closing this as the issue has been addressed.