A thread for the discussions/fussings of Live devices and development in this platform.


This is one of the few rabbit holes I haven’t personally violated. I’m still stuck on max for cats’ creations and what you can do with those alone!

Looking forward to lurking this thread :).


Not quite the same thing, but I’ve been really enjoying using Pure Data, specifically Automatonism.

This has been an area of modular programming I really wanted to get into but just could never get my head around, but Pd with Automatonism makes is really, really easy to use and understand. It doesn’t cover everything, but it’s enough that I can work and make musical patches, and then learn the parts in between to do what I want to do. Can’t recommend it enough.

I am curious if there’s anything similar in Max, since Max seems to have better integration with DAWs and plugins, and the UI seems to be better in general.


Commenting to follow. I use a lot of max4live things but have not had the time to dedicate to becoming a builder.

When i was making more IDM centric music I was using a lot of the “LFO” generators for synced sample and hold wave shapes to generate “controlled-random” modulations over synths and samplers (Nord Lead 2 goes straight to late 90’s Autechre-town)

Regarding building, before I even think to make a utility (i can “hello world” in Max, thats about it) I check, typically there is a tool that will get me 90% of the way to where I want to go.



Is there a thread for Max4Live programming community requests yet? Like someone has an idea for a non-commercial utility and a few of us put our heads together to create and share


Happy 2020 guys and gals.

I see no reason that this thread couldn’t include as such. In fact I had that original intention in mind when I created this thread. So feel free to share any and all devices that you’ve created.


As deep as I have gone into programming max has been Frankensteining others devices to bend to my will and to create a tone generator to use as the A/B redundancy switch trigger for a Radial SW8.

Every time I think of something I need I go to and someone has already built a version.