Max free data file host / Experiences with clouds?


Hello human beings,

I’m looking for the maximum free cloud drive I can get for backup and distribution of alpha versions of stuff I’m working on. Dropbox and many others are a bit limited. The max I have found so far is Mega with 20GB. One of my projects is 36GB though and it would be great if I could upload it somewhere for free.

Any ideas for that?

Also, how are your experiences with these cloud services? Ever experienced any problems? Are there any you can recommend?



Wow, those are some huge projects. No way to condense / compress them I’m assuming?

I haven’t met free storage that goes above ~15-20 GB, but you could always split .rar files among separate accounts. It sounds a bit insane, but if you label your accounts [accountwords.1, accountwords.2, etc] you only really have to memorize whatever your first account is called. Sometimes it’s worth doing really weird shit like this if you’re determined not to get locked into another monthly payment


Hey, splitting the stuff between multiple accounts is a nice idea! Although it would take some time with every update, but I guess it would be enough to update like once a week…

I could condense some project files further - for instance the packaged project of the 36GB thingy is under 10GB, but a lot of that additional stuff are the original textures that can’t easily deleted with the push of a button, so I guess I will not get it under 20GB without a lot of work, like exporting all textures, resizing and reimporting and so on…

Thanks for your thoughts in any case, much appreciated!


Quick udpate, haven’t found a free file host with more than 20gb of free space, but Mega (20gb free), Google Drive (15gb free) and IceDrive (10gb free) are all working fine for me for smaller uploads and are pretty much problem-free for me so far (Dropbox is much more limited in terms of free space and Internxt started giving me upload errors).


So after using the three services I mentioned above for a few months, I noticed that Mega upgraded me to 25GB free space for some reason, which is pretty awesome. In terms of uploading and downloading, Mega, Google Drive and Icedrive all are working fine for me so far.


Whoa, I wonder if they do this to people who are just using it for personal reasons? That sounds very generous


Yeah, it’s nice for sure. No idea if this is some kind of bonus for something or if they just increased the limit in general, but I was very happy to see it :smiley: