Make something in 20 minutes and post it (part 2)


Here we go again, as the title says, get to work!
testing out this new microtuning ableton max extension, works pretty cool


Here comes my stuff

true story btw


I think it’s hard to do something in 20 mins(for me anyway) but this was written in 20 minutes and then i did some effects like compression and leveling afterwards. Sort of fooling around with acapellas in my projects. Would love to get vocal stuffs, similar to what i used, can be used in an instrument setting, or not fully upfront. I don’t know what i mean exactly. trying to spice up the musics.

I got the acapella from looperman. not really keen on the idea though but need some vocal stuffs.

Hope you enjoy.


I think this thread is so creative! It’s really cool to see what other people are working on. As someone who doesn’t make much music of my own, I really appreciate it


Not promising anything, but I might do something tomorrow.