Make a Beat for 909 Day

You know the drill.


  1. Use your real 909s, TR09s, or 909 sample packs. You can use other instruments/synths/whatever to supplement the track, but 909 sounds should take center stage.
  2. Post your track on September 9.

Bonus points: Use 909 sounds exclusively.

In case you don’t have any 909 samples handy, Beat Battle 101 sample pack had some 909 samples in the pack. Here ya go:


Defo will be doing this :slight_smile:

Are we making a 909 EP?

Nope. Just having some fun and celebrating these legendary boxes.


What kind of vibes is anyone going for with this? 909 is kind of my go to these days for chunky/ghetto house. Thinking I should make my way off that beaten path.

I have some 909 samples and I just got Iris, so we’ll see where that leads.

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Sexy 90s ish DnB is where Im at…tore into it this evening.

Edit: awwwwwwwww shiiiiit. This might be a choon boys.

Edit edit: choooooon

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Some kind of a turn of the century Scandinavian psy-prog (Son Kite, Vibrasphere, Ticon). Going to try to make the whole thing out of 909 samples without using any synths.

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Mine is my take on house with 909 perc (and I added some shakers to it for some extra trebley goodness). Was working on the mono mix this morning and it was pretty crowded, but I think it’s there. Going to do stereo tonight Oh, and I still need to work on the drums! They’re about 50% done right now, should wrap them up tonight.

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I have mine done and mastered. Need to double check and might go touch up the mix, but I should have this up sometime tomorrow. Probably make this my first public release in a while too.

Happy 909 day!


Ended up going in a harsher tech-trance kind of direction. Again, 909 samples from BB101, loaded into Volca Sample and run through random guitar pedals. Decided not to add any melodic elements at all, so didn’t use anything else besides the 909 samples.

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