Make a Beat for 808 Day

Hey ya’ll…planning on dusting off my very lonely TR8S when I get home from work to make a beat/track for 808 day. If anyone else wants to join in I’ll edit the OP here to list all the tracks together. Lets say send me a beat/track in about 14 days so the 22nd by Midnight EST.

Only hard and fast rule is you have to use an 808 drum kit, no other percussion sounds. And come @ me with a bunch of what ifs or side steps. 808 drum kit only. Otherwise do as you please : )

I thought it went w/o saying, but I thought I’d say this–not as a hard and fast rule, but more of a suggestion–the spirit of this project, in my mind, is to really let that 808 kit be a major feature of the track.

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Just in time for the 822 day? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, yea, I should have started this two weeks ago ;p

Def counts me in on this. I’ve recently come to truly appreciate that sexy dirty bumps of the BOB.

Perfect timing. I just downloaded this and boy do these blow my 808 work out of the water.

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Considering this, maybe someone should start a 909 beat thread w/ a more appropriate due date.

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If someone wants to come up with a set of rules (I’d keep it simple) and made the post I’m happy to help doing any modding the thread needs.

I think it would be a good idea to say that the spirit of the project is to really hear that 909 drum kit in the track–I’m going to go ahead and edit my own OP here in a moment…

Is the Arturia drumbrute mk1 808ish enough to be within the rules?

My general answer to this is these tracks are supposed to rep the 808 sound so as long as the drum kit is in that wheel house and those drum sounds are a major feature if the track its cool

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Well, this is going so well for me I decided to factory reset my TR8S and start from scratch. I’ll post something by the deadline since this is my baby, but I am UNinspired…

I did start a track for this and got about half way through. But since there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of interest in this, I’m not going to rush it. I’ll finish it by September 8 and have 808 and 909 tracks back to back.

You really dropped the ball on this one, @relic. There’s always next year, I guess. Gotta put that shit on yo calendars, people.

Yea its ok. I realized this was probably a terrible idea. I actually kinda ended up w something. Ill record a live version today at some point. Today is kinda my last day before I have to take shit real serious for the semester so Im taking it easy snd playing today.

Even though its stupidly late Ive come up w something I quite like so Ill be posting it at some point.

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It’s late but it is 808. I think I have something for 909 too…


Cool man, I will have to check this out. I’ve got a few sets of 8 bars I like on my TR8S, but life happened.

Finished it just in time for the 908 day. Used the 808 samples from BB101 loaded into Volca Sample and recorded through a bunch of guitar pedals. TB03 doing the bass and synth lines.

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Defo owe yall some listens. Thanks for posting your tracks.