Machines Singing Love Songs


Write a tune about and submitted on Valentine’s Day (14 Feb. 2023). Submit by midnight-ish on that date in your time zone.

That’s it, that’s the project. I’ll post whatever I get even its a shoddy first draft.


i dont really do lyrics or anything but i could try to make something sound valentines-y


im definitely gonna work on something for this


Most don’t do lyrics here. I probably won’t unless I pick a remix or something : )


Hoping to get a live jam put together for this with some vocal samples based L-O-V-E. Should be fun, I’ll post a video.


Cool! I have a super cheesy remix idea in mind.


I really need to get started in this…



You have over a month left.


Yea. If I say that to myself itll be 13 Feb and I wont have powered on my sampler lol


im done lol \o/

i actually focused more on melodic composition than sound design for this :slight_smile:

i dmed u.




Trying to post my submission but when I try to react I’m told i can’'t post links. Any tips on how to circumvent this?


Sorry i forgot


I bailed on my own idea. No worries!