Looking for alpha/beta testers for games


Hi all,

as some of you might know, I’m working on some projects in Unreal Engine. If you might be interested to test some of these out, drop me a message and I might invite you to a dedicated discord group. The game I will probably make available for testing first (and probably soon) is a very simple game with a randomly generated course in which all sounds and tracks are generated with metasounds patches, but I have two other projects in the works, one is a platformer (close to finish, more or less) and the other is a third-person thingy (very early development).

Let me know if you are interested.



What general genre are we talking about here? I’d love to help, but my scope is really limited


Hey, thanks for you interest! There are a few projects I’m working on, so it’s hard to categorize it all. There probably also will be some simple audio-related applications (synths based on Metasounds with some 2d or 3D GUI and/or gameplay-based sound generation or visualization-focused stuff). But the first project that’s gonna be available for testing is a mix between an endless runner and a hovercraft driving game - the focus on my side for this was making all sounds and music based on Metasounds and controlling the sounds with gameplay. It’s a very simple game, so one could check it out for a few minutes and probably already give some feedback. It’s also really small, around 300mb archived.

The other two game projects are more ambitious and it will take some time to make them available for testing. One is some kind of platformer with a post-apocalyptic setting in which you jump around, avoid or jump on enemies, but also you can swim in some levels and some other stuff. I already spent a lot of time on this including the music, like a dozen levels are already playable in theory, but there are some issues I have to fix, so not sure yet when I can get this out to testers. Third project is still in very early development, but I might upload a simple gameplay demo for testers at some point.