Looking for a software drum sampler

Hey everyone, I was working on something this morning and it hit me that my workflow with drums would go a lot faster if I didn’t have to sequence each of the three kick and snare samples I’m using round-robbin style one at a time. Is there a drum sampler VST that lets me set up round robbins or velocity layers with my own samples?

I want to say Geist or whatever Geist became might be one to look into, don’t know if it does round robin.

Chances are your DAW can do it, with samplers in a drumrack or similar. In Bitwig or Live you could also use velocity or a modwheel or macro to fade or change between different drum machines with instrument chains.

I don’t know how drum racks work in Live (I think you use Live @White_Noise) but if I were going to do it natively in FL Studio I’d use FPC and it would just let me use one MIDI pattern to program all the drums. It wouldn’t automate between different kicks or whatever, but you could randomize the notes after you built the pattern. Not sure another DAW has a piano roll like FL does tho.

Using FL right now, thinking about getting live in a month or two to go with akai force. I’m also kinda surprised FL studio doesn’t have an obvious way to do it. I asked a discord I’m in about it to see if they have a way.

I looked it up and Geist says it can do it, but it’s pretty overkill for what I’m after. What blows my mind is that sugarbytes drum computer and izotope breaktweaker apparently cannot do this, for all that they offer. I’d be surprised if someone doesn’t have a free vst that does this somewhere.

You guys called it, FPC does what I need. It’s a bit hidden, but it lets you randomize sample playback among the samples you put under a pad. Super easy. Gonna save me a lot of time and have more varied drums in the future.

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Bingo! No one will ever convert me to another DAW. I didn’t even know that, but I’ll defo be playing with it now : )

I’m sure it’s the FPC you mentioned, but FL has its own ‘drum rack’ of sorts and it sounds like that’s what you’re talking about. Although if you’re going to get Live anyway, now’s a good time for me to say that drum rack is a wonderful powerhouse and it’s guaranteed to cut your drum designing time in half*.

  • = not guaranteed by Ableton, guaranteed by some guy on the internet

AFIAK FPC is the only thing in FL that is close to Ableton’s drum rack. It looks more or less like a hardware MPC when you load it up.