4 Tracks I’ve been working on recently. I added them to my set on SC and also did a simple YT video.


Really cool set, B-man…I’d like to get my hands on the stems from these and have a play around with them…my style of course. Any chance? :grinning:

Liked and following you over on YT. :+1:

Yea, I should be able to get them at some point. Welcome back as well.

If it takes a bit, just remind me.

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Cheers…will do.

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Lovely sounds!

I like “Midnight Jog” a lot - great title, great song :slight_smile:

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Awesome bud. It has more tracks taken from midi to audio with some audio edits afterwards. Like duplicates, stretches, etc. The first of these 4 I did, as well.

Thanks for listening. Really hoping to dive into the whole Lofi idea.

You should! You’re onto something here.

And yes, those audio edits are great. Plus, I’m a sucker for reversed sounds. I have to force myself not to use those on every track I make.


Oh buddy…they’re perfect, always if you take the time to pull midi to wav. Hats, pads, pluckies. Even stuttering stuffs.

I appreciate you checking it out. The overall process was a few weeks, and lofi “hip hop” to a degree is very minimal. I don’t necessarily believe I do the jazzy portion in comparison but I’m enjoying the chill nature of it all.

I got inspired by happening upon a YT stream by chilledcow. It’s like a whole little culture of chill beats.

And I’m loving my getting into writing simple stuffs and it feeling right, again.

Again, thanks to you both for listening. I’ll definitely be going down this road. Trying to smash one out now, for the sub stuffs, ending today.

We’ll see. Also, I think to a degree, it all folds into my want to get some BOC action going.

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Listening now… you’ve definitely captured The Lofi vibe… a bit exaggerated but so consistent that it’s charming. The sense of space and the textures are excellent!

Reminds of when I had a cheap radio in the kitchen… stuck in the corner on the counter it would focus the sound to where I could have it down low … and it was warm and hissy a nd sometimes staticky… this is not exactly that sound… but it has that charm and intimacy.

Really nicely done. :+1:

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I appreciate it. I tried to mix/master it to a degree that it would work.

Probably not but it isn’t supposed to feel too normal, mix-wise. I appreciate the listen. I appeciate the aspect of listening to them all.

i’m definitely shooting for them to have a home, space-wise. So you guys giving them a spot, in theirl differences is awesome.

If I’m lucky, I’ll collect these sounds and put them directly where they should get.

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I too was drunking. Will link later if not accepted …

I will listen to this , my man. Prob tomorrow.

Getting rather drunk right now, on Google Hangouts with friends. The weird new normal, you know.

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Apologies, had to delete as it was/is my sub to the current release. Was much drunking, when I posted, hehe…

No worries, do it later when you feel it’s ready.