LOFI - Samples and Plugs, Free and Not So Free

Ok, so I’ve been slightly interested in LOFI stuffs lately and been trying to find some plugs, samples, etc to initiate my process. I’m sure some of you also have some info in this department and may want to condense and share, as well.


Free samples:

Free VSTs:

A cheap Native Instruments VST:


If it isn’t specifically mentioned in the video, Izotope Vinyl is(was) free at one point. It has some neat warble,vinyl effects that can be added over the top of your stuffs.

No samples or plug-ins, but…

This is a great video talking about microtonal lofi. You might find some of this interesting and helpful. :slight_smile: good luck.

Forgot to post the actual link… Oops!

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I’ve used u-He’s Satin and Softube’s Tape, and they’re both great. Not as great as actual tape, but close and convenient, as long as you’re not wanting to push the wow and flutter to ridiculous levels (which I’ve found is really only possible through plugin chains or a modified/bad tape deck). I have the Waves Abby Road Tape VST, but I haven’t tried it yet.

If you want a fast and easy ‘lo-fi’ sound, try modulating the pitch and frequency of a track with an LFO, add a little white noise, roll off some top and bottom end, and add a little bit of warm, tube-style distortion at the end. That’ll get you part of the way there.


Fun free toy: