[LoFi] Angel - 1roomstudio


Finally committed to this piece. My thanks to @TvMcC and @MFXxx at the Listening Booth who helped and encouraged me to get it done.

Also thanks to the Mods who keep IDMf going!

A Dreamy Psychedelic track slowly unfolds while longing to talk to my Angel… and then… she calls… she is on her way… I’m so excited!

Piano with heavy effects, Bass, Percussion, Guitar, Cello, Vocals


Angel, talk to me
Angel won’t you walk with me
Oh, my Angel

Hello? you’re on your way already? See you soon… Drive safe!
I’m so excited… so excited
Oh, my Angel


Proper mellow trip, I really liked this. Really was getting into it on the second listen.

Reminded me a little of (don’t laugh) Dredd Zeppelin a bit when they do non-reggae parts to their Zep covers and they head into trippy territory. That’s possibly a bit unfair as this stands on its own.

Not got a lot of crits, possibly make vocals the teensiest bit louder but not much at all. There’s one vocal later on that is louder and the contrast shows a bit between that and the previous vocals. I’m doing that just so it looks like I paid attention :smiley:


Heya @1roomstudio, my pleasure to offer you the encouragement. The sound choices, composition/arrangement, mood, and mix are all well thought-out! The song leaves me with a sense of calm, but also a bit of angst, as if I want to knod/bop my head/neck really hard… Love the arpeggiated guitar licks, phone recording, spatial awareness, and the distribution of the instrumentation in the stereo field!

My only gripe is that on the phone call, it would’ve helped to have heard the other end (the caller coming over) a bit more… maybe a bit of saturation on a send that amplifies that track? The mix seems really clean, and the levels of everything are like butter, or warm bacon (or duck) grease that’s ready to be used on a some tasty french fries (I dont eat meat, but that’s what this does to me!)…would’ve also loved to have heard you ride the faders on the outro a bit more to fade out the last phrases…Also the turn around, or bridge at 6:27ish is rather abrupt, maybe a slightly different fade, or filtering there would help… all of this is just my ears though, so please feel free to disregard if these are all choices you are comfortable with.

Feel there’s some references, but this song that is uniquely your own for sure! Speaking of which did you use a reference while doing the mixdown, or the PINK noise trick?

This makes me feel very proud, elated, and overjoyed to have aided you in anyways! You’ve had a wonderful journey, and this tune clearly shows your growth, writing, compositional skills, pure talent with playing instruments and putting sources that match together, as well as
dedication to getting a solid mixdown without outsourcing! :clap:t5:

Thanks so much for sharing! Be a great day


Very nice relaxing track, thoroughly enjoyed listening to this! Can’t really write anything constructive about this, I think it’s pretty perfect, and I agree with what @TvMcC and @Roo_Stercogburn wrote about it. Really good stuff, looking forward to more!


I’ll take that as a compliment @Roo_Stercogburn (I’m a Dredd Zep fan :sunglasses:)

Glad you enjoyed it and many thanks for your support. :pray::sparkles:


I’m humbled by your encouragement and support @TvMcC coming from you is especially meaningful as I’ve learned so much from your feedback on past tracks as well as this one :point_up:

The phone call :iphone: yeah… I tried to get the voice of “Angel” to come through…. But it was an actual call that came in serendipitously while I was recording the vocal! I just let the track roll while I took the call, intending to delete it. When I played it back I realized what a happy accident it was :star_struck: so I worked with it.

As a further coincidence… the ringtone is called “Angelic Harp” :angel: which I picked years ago for incoming calls from “Mrs. 1room” I named the track “Angel” months ago… before even considering adding a vocal track!

Reference track or Pink Noise? …. Ummmm :flushed: no… I winged it with just my ears…. Going back and forth from headphones to monitors and walking in and out of the room… leaving it alone for weeks or months at time… coming back to see if still liked where it was headed.

Note to self: Gotta start using reference tracks and pink noise…

The abrupt bridge at 6:27 ish… yep… I love it just like that …. Makes me smile every time :sunglasses::sparkles:

Thanks again for all of your help :beers:


“Pretty perfect” makes me smile :blush: @metaside glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your support! :pray::sparkles:


Nice work again. At first I was wondering why the piano seemed to run out of sync, but that clearly has a function and it works quite well. I think I’d compress the bass a tad, it sounds quite dominant (at least on my system here). It gives me the feeling of a symphonic rock song - yes, Led Zeppelin (@Roo_Stercogburn) sort of mentioned that already.


I appreciate the thought about the Bass… @Pleudoniem
Lots of time put in to this piece… had to call it done. It releases on November 5th…