Live IDM DJ Looking to Get Started


Hey everyone.

I’m extremely new to this type of thing, so apologies for sounding weird. Some buddies and myself created a group of sorts at the beginning of the year, and we’re at a point now where we can start putting ourselves out there.

I have a live set organized now (about 40 mins of music) and it comes with live resequencing, turntables, and the potential for improv jams once I get sorted with my new Polyend Play (pre-ordered). I want to eventually flesh out a gig that’s like an IDM equivalent to Miles Davis’ electric period, but with the intensity of drukQs and Venetian Snares.

The other guys don’t do that kind of stuff, and moreso make music for me to remix since I make hardcore idm ravey stuff. We got a guy that makes traditional EDM, but he’s one of the two of us still debating whether he wants to perform or not. So that leaves me to be the extrovert of the group, to get us noticed.

That leads me to here. I’m doing all I can to get the word out about us in Toronto, and we’re still working out our social media strategy, so in the meantime I think it’s best for me to introduce us to the scene.

It’ll be interesting to get to know you guys.
It’ll be even cooler to completely obliterate your minds with our music.
~ 9


Hello! Welcome. I come from a dance music DJ background but I got started by showing up, offering to help carry things and setup. Also staying to help breakdown. I will also admit I wrote a few quasi-puff pieces reviewing monthlies and such as well lol never lied but used some hyperbolic language at times…


Cool. Right now I’m just meeting the bands and DJs in my local scene, hanging with groupies, etc.
They don’t really know about our style of music, but they’re universally aware of Aphex Twin and really dig his stuff, so that’s good.

The album we’ve just released and want to perform live is incredibly industrial, and our biggest problem rn is finding a venue that’ll accept our act. One of us is releasing their debut in October, and that music will be much more accessible. At the very least, we should be able to perform at a few raves or something when the album drops.


Unfortunately that seems like it might be your biggest obstacle. If there is like a goth, metal or industrial club or scene I might look there too.


Metal has been what I’ve been going with. Those are the bands I’m hanging with anyway.

A club seemed to completely misread our inquiry e-mail and referred us to EDM clubs. lol


Honestly some venues seem to completely misunderstand the musicians/DJs they hire lol it’s like maybe you should know a bit about music or higher someone who does


Hi ! And welcome :slight_smile:

Can we listen your stuff somewhere ? I’m curious to hear because I love your references



Do you have a link anywhere to the music in your set?


Hi. I do not wish to break the rules and cold post links.
I have a link to our music on my profile page.


See my earlier reply to RFJ. Hope you enjoy.

We’ve released two records so far (digital releases :frowning:)

  • IFLF v1.3 is the debut from #001. He’s been doing music for the longest out of all of us, and has invented a sub-genre he calls ‘post-idm’. It’s hard for me to describe it, but it is described on the bandcamp page.
  • LEAD | RUST is our first collaborative effort, between 0 -3.57 and myself. It’s a double album, with one half being subtle industrial ambient (loud tho), and the other half containing the most ridiculous 50 minutes of music ever released. I’m not joking. The RUST half contains the loudest songs ever made, and they are fire as shit too. We made Venetian Snares eat a whole bag of dicks with that one. :exploding_head:

#08 releases a single in August, and 24x is releasing his debut in October.


Honestly the forum is a little slow these days, so go ahead and post if you like. RFJ and I are both admins so don’t worry : ) You seem sincerely interested in the forum.