Listening to old punk and protopunk and wondering why electronic music feels the need to sound so perfect and shiny


Yeah I love BoCs music and their production.

I don’t think all modern electronic music has that over polished / over processed sound but there does seem to be a trend for it, when reading forums and people discussing their production process, it almost always involves a ton of surgical EQing / compressing etc which can easily lead to the above.

I think a lot of the records that people draw inspiration from today where mixed quite crudely and that’s a huge part of their charm, music (for me) is a lot more fun when I allow myself to not get too perfectionist about things.

This is not be trying to discredit the polished sound either, I think when done right / well it can sound really good and I got massive respect for people with the know how to do it right. At the same time I reckon there’s a bunch of people who ruin their perfectly good music by trying to get a professional sound but not having the know how and maybe even the tools for the job.