‘Like brushing my teeth’: how Michiru Aoyama writes, records and releases an


I found this article and thought I’d share.

This man creates an 8 track album a day! That’s utterly bonkers to me, I try and keep a routine and release a short 1.5 min track a week, but this dude’s output is insane! Granted, they are all the same length of washed out ambient, but I still find them beautiful. Great music to sleep to, imo.

What does this community think?


I’ll have to do a deep dive to get a better opinion, but if it’s drone or something similar I would argue that that’s one of the easiest, laziest genres to make. I thoroughly enjoy it, though, so I don’t necessarily think all music needs to be completely slaved-over, but I’d have a hard time (personally) meeting new goals if that’s all I did.

But, as part of a routine and getting a fan base out of it, I think that’s amazing. I’m glad they’re at least moderately successful doing what they love, and it’s still probably very hard work to do this on a daily basis. This kind of reminds me of that ‘sitting and smiling’ YouTube channel, where you have to ask yourself how he hasn’t gone completely insane yet!


I can do the same with breakcore…but all my breakcore tracks wouldnt be good and would sound too similar.


Let me correct myself…

Breakcore idm glitch.


Gave it a listen, and I get dystopian vibes whenever something like this happens. It reminds me a lot of someone just making ‘white noise for babies’ part 1, 2, 3, 4, etc for their entire lives. I love seeing anyone become successful, but when I see what they often have to do in order to get there (blend in, create ‘content’, give up their hopes and dreams of ever playing another style should they ever feel like it), I find it to be a bit demoralizing.

I see why all of these ‘influencer’ types are always struggling with depression and shit, too (not to undermine serious mental health disorders, which I’m absolutely not a stranger to). They just have to push out bullshit like this (in video form) in order to generate their revenue, and then they wonder why they feel so dead inside. Nothing is really on the line anymore and they’re not even giving their output a chance to fail miserably, because taking real chances can sometimes be the part that makes you feel so alive. Even if that means being torn to shreds, or god forbid, getting real insight into how to create more enjoyable music for yourself and others.

I mean, literally everyone posting on here is better than that. If you still have a soul and you’re not afraid to fail, you’re creating music over content. Don’t let this imagined ‘success’ bring you down, it’s literally just elevator music on steroids. Real growth as an artist is way cooler than stagnating like this, and no amount of fans, magazine articles or monetary gain is worth that.

The Off-Topic Thread

Wow. This guy is investing a staggering amount of time and money to recreate bad New Age music.

There’s no way I’d rate this stuff as anything better than mediocre. There’s zero thought put into what passes for the composition beyond “that sounds nice”. There’s nothing in there besides some Pure Moods wash, no conflict, no tension and release, there’s not even any elements that play off each other.

They’re all the same thing over and over and over. He does this every day, but I see no progression in his thought process or technique. He’s just shitting out the same thing day after day to say he did it. He’s like the AC/DC of ambient - 15 albums of the same fucking song. I even threw on the headphones for a detailed listen, pulled it into a DAW and tried EQing around to see if there’s some interesting bits underneath I was missing. Nope. It’s just a couple of sound sources washed out and mixed in the least offensive way possible.

He’s got however many views/listens, so I guess there’s some people connect with the deep introspective nature of reverb abuse. Or there’s 200k people that need background noise while they’re doing the dishes.



I know exactly what you mean, something about it is very dystopian. Just a firehose of ever flowing ‘content’.

This got a chuckle out of me, you’re not wrong!

I completely agree with what everyone has said so far, I’d rather have quality over quantity of generic washed out, reverb drenched guitar+synth.

He did mention something in the article I liked. He writes all these short songs and finishes albums in a day as if he were keeping a diary of sounds. I like the sentiment behind that. When I finish a song, it sort of freezes a certain time and place in my head of where I was while working on it.

That being said, this man would write VERY boring journal entries:

Tuesday, 5th of December 2023
Today I saw a bird. The sun came out again. Good day.

Wednesday, 6th of December 2023
There was a cloud in the sky. I saw a red car pass by today. Best day this week!


I can definitely relate to this, too. I love having those snapshots of periods in my life, but it’s kind of cool that there’s maybe a few EPs or albums per year (personal figure, everyone’s mileage will vary) rather than one everyday. It’s almost like even that would lose its meaning if we could all somehow be functioning at peak performance everyday, but there’s still no breather for refining which is problematic.

Although, maybe he just enjoys the fuck out of doing it that way… and in that respect, he kind of wins :smiley:


My problem with the diary/snapshot idea is exactly your point - I don’t know about you, but most of my waking time is spent doing dumb things like eating or taking out the garbage or attending a meeting about the meetings I’m going to have. Despite what Millennial TikTok influencers would have you believe, every day is not an adventure, and I don’t need to document the third time today I’ve walked behind the dog picking up poop.

What it reminds me of are those people from the mid-00s that did things like taking pictures of their shoes for a year straight and put them on blogspot and then it became a watershed moment that described the heart and soul of an entire generation for about 15 minutes and Harper Collins put out a coffee table book of the person’s shoe pictures. And then other people saw that persons success and then everyone’s taking a pic of day of some random household object in hopes of the next book deal. Art? Maybe, but it’s banal and lifeless and doesn’t actually reflect the world in a meaningful way. It’s just cute and clever for a minute.

The thing that immediately struck me when I read the article and listened to the song, and that I can’t get out of me head is this: how insanely good would this guy be at…well, anything, if he’d spent that time over two years actually challenging himself? Like making more complicated music, or exploring different themes and techniques. He’s a rat in a skinner box that figured out he gets a slight dopamine hit by pressing the button a couple times. There doesn’t seem to be any higher asperation or forward progression, and I think that’s what I find most disturbing thing about the whole deal.