Life has calmed down finally, glad to be back


Long time lurker since the noughties, went by Neuralsphere in the past (before the sleek new website - very nice but totally alien to me) I have been through the mill, just here to chill and try touch base with those I got on well with in the past (If there’s any bad blood I sincerely apologise for the grief caused, it was not me - my addresses were compromised regrettably)

Hope you and your families are all well in the midst of madness, I shall hopefully see you all in future beat battles and on the discord if that’s still going. Long live IDMf, it’s been too long.



Defo remember that handle from back in the day and defo don’t remember any bad blood : ) welcome back


We welcome lurkers into the light :bulb:


we all have been through the mill. most of us got body parts strewn across the pages. but it’s ok. glad you’re droppin a line on the old clinker they call “idmf”. never smelt more fresh round these parts. please watch out for bears… they are out there neural… they are real… please be safe<3