Let's talk Pitchshifters

I have been more and more fascinated by some of the new polyphonic real-time pitchshifters such as Polyverse Manipulator and Devious Machines new PitchMonster, mostly for sound design, but also for vocals.

So far I have been using mostly stuff that is not real-time and/or has no real polyphony, such as:

  • Ableton transpose and warp functions
  • Uhbik-G for grainy/granular and modulated shifts with strong offset and general processing
  • Zynaptiq Wormhole for smooth experimental pitch- and soundshifting

What are your experiences and you favs with all the different options available?
Anyone here using interesting polyphonic and/or real-time effects?

New or time-honored, real-time or not, as long as it is a pitchshifting effect feel free to talk about it here!

Frankly I still mostly use the least advanced pitch shifting algorithm I can find. I like the artifacts. I will just resample repitched pieces of audio and sequence them right on the timeline. It is still 1992 right? If it doesn’t get pitched on the TR8S it will in FL Studio, but just using the basic audio adjustments the DAW offers.

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Yeah, I sometimes like artifacts like that, too, sometimes I want a clean pitchshift.

What has caught my eyes or better ears and interest recently is polyphonic stuff like this, done on the fly:


The demo reminded me of this classic Villalobos track:

That one is from way back in 2003 though. I wonder how he made it. Analogue vocoder?


The last to posts were most entertaining. :sunglasses:

No idea tbh but I guess either that or manual editing? Interesting texture on the vocals in any case!