Le cheese


Cheese is basically edible plastic…

I mean bro seriously.


That’s too funny. I’m a huge cheese lover, but I can see certain cheeses being ‘plastic-y’ like Provel or Kraft American slices. A buddy of mine hates all cheeses though.


I can’t imagine not liking cheese!

I haven’t been able to eat cheese in a really long time due to bad stomach problems, but I definitely dream about it!


I dread that happening! I already get stomach problems with eating ice cream, I guess I’d just live in a bathroom if cheese was an issue for me, because I refuse to give it up.


I know…cheese thread…but Halo Top makes some great non-dairy flavors and its only ~300 calories per pint. I housed an entire pint of peanutbutter this weekend


Mac n cheese bro 4 real…

Ugh vomit.


Well, I’ve managed to figure out how to make cheese soup, alfredo sauce and other soft cheeses with just plant-based ingredients. Plant-based broccoli cheese soup, when made correctly, tastes exactly like the real thing. It’s actually kind of bizarre that this is even possible.


It’s mostly cashews, and a mix of cauliflower and potatoes. Not kidding


Cream cheese…clogged arteries much.


Cream cheese and peanut butter makes such a good pseudo-cheesecake, despite how gross it sounds


Cottage cheese…






Also that sandwhich wthat is like 30 slices of cheese…

I mean i get grilled cheese but…seriously…how much cheese can you eat…