Layering and sound design. Pitch matters


Some of the most sonically sexy tracks…have a bunch of layers…these layers are often a combination of sounds mixed together with eq…and glued together compression…

I organize my layers according to where it sits on the frequency spectrum…when i do my granular percussion elements and synth lines for my idm tracks.

Bass i usually cut out the middle frequencys and notch the high frequencies…

The middle frequencies i usually leave for the pads and leads and other synth elements…

For the drums i tune according to the available room in the frequency spectrum…ill sometimes create notches to create room…

But i didnt realize how much tuning and pitch matters when it comes to sound design and mixing.

Finding the right pitch and tuning for a sound helps prevent frequency overlap and it also prevents mixes that sound like mud.

I am kicking myself because of the amount of time it has taken me to realize this. Lol


This is honestly the beauty of making electronic music. Synths and samples (to a lesser degree) can be whatever we want. Any pitch or texture.

I try to do all my mixing while making and arranging sounds. If I can avoid having to EQ and compress, that’s my style. Let the the whole thing breath.


Yea it’s huge! Also, moving a layer forward or backwards in the time domain by 0-40 milliseconds can have a huge effect. I always try to get my layers sounding as good as possible before touching the eq. That’s after many years of over eqing :weary: