Hey all, was wondering if anyone else here is on I only recently discovered it and am a huge fan of scrobbles. anyway, i wanted to start a thread dedicated to people sharing their profiles, just so that we can share the kinds of music we all listen to. perhaps someone out there (or maybe I) would like to aggregate everyone’s music data and do a cool visualization? anyway, here’s mine.

They lost me with the redesign. I was on around like 2006+ but they completely ruined it for me in more recent years


You should pop off some of your tunes in the listening booth and/or member releases :slight_smile:

As for me and… the last time I went here some random bot (I assume, idk) ripped all my old myspace songs and created a fake city at worlds end page with my unreleased garbage on it.

Kind of left a bad taste in my mouth, but I’ll have to go and check it out again. I see more and more people posting links to it, so maybe a renaissance is occuring ? :slight_smile:

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