Laser Speakers are almost a thing now

Other people see this and think it’s good news for spies, but I see it and think about the future of live sound. IDMf has added just a bit to my strangeness.


Can I sit in my car near the grocery store and terrorize people with Merzbow with this? If so, I’m so in


you can now literally troll people’s thoughts


pulse demon intensifies


Wow, how did I not think about the propaganda implications of this. With some speech resynthesis, I bet you could convince people they’re thinking stuff if you beam it into their head in their voice. Now I’m going to have my inner monologue in another voice forever…

I want so much to tell you all about my awesome new inner voice, but then I’d have to kill you.

In all seriousness, I was thinking that the lasers would be super dope if you combined them with this. Less hardware with the audience means less stuff getting broken in the pit or on the dance floor.

schizo drugs will fly off the shelves.

advertisements will never be the same, either. they’ll be placing specific products in stores so the lasers hit you incognito to sell you weird smelling bleach and fucked up cereals and things.

what a boring dystopia

I was thinking along those same lines. Not even like a red neon overlord with a blue resistance, it’s just people trying to sell us stuff we don’t need so they can line their pockets with our cash while we all just wait to die. Our dystopia is that sappy add for Tide you saw last night.

In a perfect dystopia, they have to sell us these ideas so that we install them in our own houses instead of having someone else go through the trouble. We will also have to pay good $$$ for the high-tech version with HD sound + camera capabilities.

3D surround? Stereo surround? Something like that.