Kush Audio 50% sale

Yes its ilok and hardware only (we’re not KVR here) accept or walk on.


Is my iLok 2 still any good? Just curious, it is in a drawer somewhere.

The Omega transformers and Reddi are all pretty nice and don’t need any iLok :smiley:

Yes ilok 2 is fine, only difference with ilok 3 it’s a different physical build, metal and holds more licenses.
My ilok2 is still running with 180+ on it.

Incidentally my personal favourites with Kush:
The Plate is lovely, absolutley lovely however Slaye Digital and Liquidsonics Lustrous Plates is an amazing verb.
Reddi is a must for bass and drums…just sounds nice. Simple to dial in but does the job.
UBK 1 is a great comp
and while your at it dive into Clariphonic II.

Hell just subscribe lol

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If the plugin is half as good as the hardware, the Clariphonic is a must. Can do things that standard eq just can’t.