Kallisti - The Remixes [Out NOW! :D ]


After quite a few delays and deadline extensions, some remixers vanishing in the depths of the internets and a complete reboot of IDMF, I am very proud, happy and honoured to finally present…
…the Preview for the Kallisti Remix Compilation:

Available in all the local Bandcamp stores near you starting March 9!

Most important of all, my sincere thanks to all remixers! This has been a really awesome project, working on it and listening to the submissions was a lot of fun. It would not have been possible without you and would have been much less interesting without any single one of you!

It’s out! :smiley:

IDMf052 -Metaside - Kallisti

My balls are aching with suspense.


Right there with you! excited to hear all of this awesomeness in a final release :slight_smile:

Nice job on the editing for the video meta! sick preview.


good luck metaside :sunny:


No more previews, this time it’s the real juice.

I am extremely happy and honoured to finally present to you all: Kallisti - The Remixes.

Featuring 14 remixes, this has grown much bigger than I initially hoped for. I am deeply thankful to all remixers and still moved by the high turnout, the high quality and the effort that went into these submissions.

It has been a great and very interesting experience and it would not have been possible without IDMF, first because of the old netlabel crew releasing the EP and second because of the wonderful forum community working on remixes. At least 2/3 of the remixes on this are from people I have met on IDMF. Thank you guys for being an awesome community - I hope all of you enjoy the remixes!


Now also on soundcloud and hearthis:

Feel free to like and share :smiley:

Also, if any of you awesome remixers have better suggestions for genre tags for the tracks, just tell me and I will add or change it.


Congrats on yet another release!

So many tracks! haha


Thanks man, yeah it’s quite a turnout :smiley:


Finally going full distrokid distribution with this, it’s already available on Deezer and I expect the rest to follow over the next few days:


Fun fact: I just got an email saying that we’re available on Amazon now: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07R396SMY
No idea why it took so long, but good to know…


Can’t believe it has already been more than two years since this dropped!

While waiting for a call, for some reason I summed up the plays and likes for the release (only counting SC, Hearthis and Audius, not Bandcamp since there are no like/repost funcitons there). In total, we had:

  • 1495 plays

Based on the total likes given, the audience darling is the Marame remix by XVF with 10 likes and 1 repost, followed by the See You Now remix by XVF with 9 likes and 2 reposts and the See You Now remix by Tinnitus of Science with 9 likes and 6 reposts.

Comparing the track plays and likes overall, about 6,5% percent of listeners gave the track they listened to a like on this release.

On Bandcamp, we had 26 downloads of the complete album and a maximum of 100 plays for the Kallisti remix by city at worlds end.

Thanks again to all involved! <3


Great release, honored to have contributed.


Thanks for all your work on this @bfk, honored to have you!