Just realized i never did one of these.. so hey!

hello all!

i’m lempamo. i’ve been making music for the past year and a half using nothing but a copy of ableton live on my pc. started out with a shoddy album of badly mixed ambient techno and trance tunes, but now i feel i’ve really found my footing and style as an idm musician.

biggest influences by far: early 2000’s idm (expanding, u-cover, etc.), and glitch music.
tool of trade: ableton live sampler (the best musical tool in existence)

hope i can geek out around here about music&production&whatever you all are into… peace :slight_smile:


Can my first post here be a reply to an Introduction rather than an Introduction (or worse “Check out my tracks!”)? So, greetings lampamo! I’ll say more in a formal introduction … so hey!

yes Ableton Live rocks … I’m not a gear whore geek but I’ll write more later. meanwhile, that’s a sorta intro by way of another’s intro.