[Jungle Synth]Semmath-Rootwork Radio Session 8-4-19

So I had the opportunity to take the floor on TRW radio for an hour, Of course murphy’s law kicks in and this is by no means a shiny mix but mixler is not a shabby platform.

Yamaha DX27 MIDI OUT to E-MU Audity 2000 (That filter sweep is for you Chase Dobson. Overwhelmingly big synths and buried drums.
I am always striving to transition creatively and it was alot of fun.
Ableton 10 and Arturia Modular V2


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sounds more aphex twinny then jungle tbh, and also there is the issue with using hardware and having the money for top notch hardware, so keeping that in mind and the fact that i also have a short attention span, as for listening i cant really say anything, but if i was on the dancefloor i’d say its alright…cant really provide much feedback though as i kind of skipped through it, being i don’t have the time at the moment, but from what i hear you have progressed, and i assume you did this on the fly being the mix is the way it is, in the future i would suggest investing an mpc so that you splice together premade drum loops, and set the retrigger to something like a 1/4 beat legato whilst randomizing the sample selection for each of the drum loops and manually play the beat you want by pushing the buttons during a live set, but if this isn’t feasible, then there are alternative ways, and also i guess premake the elements by making your own presets, and make an ableton mixing template before the set by calibrating everything by making a looping track that will never see the light of day, and when you play a live set, all you would have to do is compose it on the fly using the midi controllers at your disposal because you’ve already made your presets and have calibrated the mix before hand,

when i played a live set it was literally just me djing with my laptop, it was horrible unlistenable shit lol which is why i never played live again, so yea good luck, dude dont be me… cheers :slight_smile:

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This is fantastic advise to say the very least. I realize that I probably should have thought it through a little better and would have saved myself a ton of sweating and worry, Though all in all It wasn’t as disastrous as I had perceived it to be. I’m def gonna take any opportunity I have to start doing more “live sets” going forward…BTW You should absolutely do another live performance.

Speaking of presets, I ran into this on the Ableton website.

Kapture | Ableton

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Nice breaks! But some really extremely loud synths hits and strange volume changes… Tbh honest I skipped quite a bit too since the synths and beats both get very repetitive for longer parts. I completely agree with bfk that it partly sounds more like IDM, but mostly because of the synthwork and the loud synths drowning the beats out a bit. Maybe just compress/limit both beat and synth but especially the synth group tracks so it doesn’t get completely overwhelmingn and all stays on a similar level? I think the beats are really cool and fit with the jungle title! Need moar live shows! With video ^^

Want to hear some bfk live performance now, too :smiley:

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That is a capital idea, And would certainly mean that I would be making better of the technology available to me.

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