John Hopkins has a new album out


He has a new album out and I’m not feeling it…

It’s just synths with some Alan watts…type narration.

Idk…not my thing. I liked his other stuff though


I believe it’s heavily influenced by recent psychedelic experiences he has had and meant to be a diary or letter to those type of things. I have nothing against psychedelics but it’s not my bag either. I think some of the narration is also Ram Daas.

All of his other stuff, I really love though.


I haven’t listened to the album but my hot take is that psychedelics make people annoying lol… pre-pandemic I interacted with people who used them regularly and there is nothing more draining for me than some burnt out hippie who has done so much acid they’ve got that thousand yard stare and they just ramble about a mish-mash of world religions they’ve cobbled together into their 8th grade reading level world view.

I imagine this album is the musical version of such a rant.