John Cage 4'33 Cover Box Set

I’m going to sound like a shill here, but I’m just a long-time Mute fan who keeps an eye on their releases, and I want to bring this one up here because you wouldn’t know about it if you don’t follow Mute, and I figure that you guys might be some of the only folks around who might be interested in a release like this.

Mute is taking pre-orders for a 5-disc (vinyl or CD) box set of covers of John Cage’s 4’33, done by a who’s who of Mute artists (including The Normal himself).

Yes, I know, that totally sounds like a joke. But no, it’s not a collection of tracks with total silence, that’s never been what 4’33 is about. It’s a collection of tracks of ambient noise by experimental electronic musicians, which is why I suspect some of you here might be interested.

The vinyl release is limited to 433 pressings signed by Daniel Miller himself, and as such is way overpriced. The CD version is much more reasonable. The box set comes with artwork and proceeds go to charity.

It’s only available on the Mute website. If you are one of the rare souls who are interested in such a thing, check it out here:

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That’s pretty neat