Jayson's (TheStumps) is finally back


Yep. I’m back!

Apparently while I was out having 4 back surgeries and 3 months of recovery, idmf caught fire! Oh no!
Ahhh, but I see that Relic et. al. have gotten the place up and running, and much more shiny!


I’ll have to recover my permissions (with the proper round of interacting) as it doesn’t look like my old account still exists, so I can’t post anything I’m doing with music for a bit (well…honestly, due to getting back on my feet…LITERALLY! HA!, and having been focused on my astrophysics projects lately, … and some audio gear breaking…CRAP!..I haven’t been able to produce much music anyway).

I really like the new look though!

I look forward to a new era!


p.s. this is “Stumps”…or maybe it was “TheStumps”…I can’t remember. Anyway, with a fresh start, I decided to toss the alias and just go with my name. :slight_smile:


Hey man. There’s a thread or 5 about this somewhere, check the feedback section :smiley:

Here we are: IDMf State of the Union


Cool to see you back man, I think I still have some of your chord spreadsheets somewhere. That stuff is neat-o, though I admit I play more often by ear. I’ve been meaning to pull those out and try writing with them though.


Welcome to the new IDMf man! not sure I really knew you that well from the old architecture, but glad to see some old faces returning to the new era of IDMf.

Cheers! Looking forward to checking your stuff out :wink:



I’ll have to make sure to get around to reposting my suite of helper tools, now that you mention it!

I also just picked up a “get by” set of headphones (sony mdr-zx110 … not great, but quite good for 25 bucks) so I’m hoping to get some sounds cleaned up and finished over the next few weeks (we’ll see…my astrophysics stuff has picked up activity over the past few weeks, so I may or may not be consumed by that soon).



I drifted off and on. I wasn’t heavily active. I tend to drift in and out in phases: I’ll be around and active for a bit, and then silence for a while, rinse-repeat. :slight_smile:

Hoping to get some stuff piled together soonish though!