JAWM revival?

I asked pre collapse
I am still keen on a JAWM thing.
I intend on starting gathering samples and cut up material for this and kick off in Jan.
Anyone else still in?

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Yep. I’m still in. Been messing around with the MS 20 a lot. Probs gonna play drums mostly live with the DD 55 using the onboard sounds through the VF-1, as it has some rather manic presets.

It’s been a while for me, so I’m in. Around the collapse I had just wrapped up something like 300 samples that I’m still unsure of what to do with, so this sounds like a good outlet for doing something wild / different.

Oh yea. Hey hey. I’ll try to get down on this. I need an excuse to re-install my DAW and all my plug ins…again…twice in the last six months : ( lol


wut is a JAWM?

January Album Writing Month.

QAWM but in January!

Haven’t been a part of this before, what’s it all about other than… writing during the month of january?

Tbf I’m probably going to be hella down no matter what the stipulations.

Yeah, it’s typically smash out as many tracks as possible in a month.
I don’t know if there are any other rules.
AM (don’t know if he is around these parts post collapse) knew the “rules”

Basically write as much as you can in a month, don’t worry about mixing or stuff like that.

It was supposed to be around 8 tracks, but I only managed 4 on the last one. 1 month from the start date. The thing with the old site was QAWM, for some reason was buried, and you had to search it out all the time. It never even showed when there were new posts.

Yeah, I barely got to 4 as well, iirc.

The other things I remember were:
We didn’t share any tracks until after the closing date, when we uploaded all the tracks.
Some people uploaded private and sent links via PM, if they were submitting to the net label.
Everyone then did a little review of each other’s work.
Constructive criticism only.
All in all, it was a valuable experience, if somewhat frustrating at times. My drive went on the VS880EX I was using, and AM’s headphones died on him.


+1 exactly what we did last time. I’m down for this format again.

@chasedobson this is based on the February Album Writing Month in which you have 28 days to write 14 songs. There used to be an official website for the project with a community etc. The idea is to arrange/write however many songs during the month. They don’t need to be mixed or polished though.

It is a bit of a different feel when making electronic/DAW music as sound design and mixing are often part of the song writing. Where as a bedroom guitarist is writing arrangements, lyrics etc and for audio is laying down rough demos.

If you all want to discuss some specific parameters and make an official JAWM 2019 thread I will sticky it. I’m down for whatever.


Curently I’m only working Jan 1st-7th.

Maybe I’ll give this a go.

Lol, I need ANOTHER project obviously.


New decade offering solid direction. Hells yuss Im jamslammin!


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That’s whats up! I’ve been looking at some handheld digital video recorders to ideally use that same approach that I could take segments of video and layer it within Magix and since it supports jitter, There are some really cool max4live video fx generators that I look forward to test the waters and broadcast ratchet jam sessions. The best part is that the visual aesthetic is symbiotic to the jam session with video fx being triggered by the incoming MIDI data, which is a workflow I can and will fuck with but only after I get this release finished.
I’m convinced that the A/V combo is what is essentially going to be the standard for electronic artists of future music. I encourage each and everyone one of us to add this to our toolbox of creation. After all, it is a new decade and the world is an oyster ripe for the taking by inventive artists.

Just use your smart phone and record the audio independently. Them combine them later. Easy.

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Lol, I’ve spent the better part of my night jamming a project I had already recorded the initial build of previously. I wiped all midi from it and recorded with the audio wrong and in one 30 mins session, my mic is catching it. Deleted. And now, no sound because I muted mic but had my audio interface as the audio. When it should have been the internal…

I plan to rewipe everything but the few samples and drums and do again with new midi writes.

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