Jamuary anyone?

Any of you guys doing something for Jamuary?
How about sharing your progress here for feedback?support?

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Go on…

I’m scheduled to play a show the 29th. I have an hour slot to fill, gotta make sure I have enough material that’s ready to go… Doesn’t help that I have strep this week

Curious to know if your post autocorrected Jamuary to January? If so…

I love Jamuary. So much cool music to see happening live every day. Wish I had time to participate fully but making videos really takes a shit ton of time even for a jam.

I’m hoping to get up maybe one jam per weekend, although I’ve missed this first one. I’d say if I can get 4 up between now and the 31st that’ll be a win. That might even be too lofty of a goal though, lol.

If you didn’t mean Jamuary and seriously meant January then disregard my post and crack a joke at my expense.


It was meant to be Jamuary…
I’m not planning anything even though I might doing a February album month.
But I thought it would have been nice to have a place to discuss.

From an actual January point of view, not much, wrapping up a few things as I handed in my notice and starting somewhere else in February.

Planning on some new gear as well…

I’ve been trying to keep up this past weekend. I did three days straight; two Pure Data patches and one Octatrack live jam.

The OT jam I just recorded audio, the Pure Data patches I did a quick screen capture, otherwise I wouldn’t have time to set up a camera to record and edit and everything else.

So far it’s been fun to just force my self to make something and get super focused on details, even if what I’m doing is not so polished. It’s also been nice to be able to share stuff, which I haven’t done in like a year.

I’d love to share it here but I’m not able to post to the Listening Booth just yet. If that’s allowed here or on some other thread, I’d definitely post some links.

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Ah, got the idea now.
Sorry, can’t do video, but maybe the February thing might be neat to try again!

Actually I don’t have a recording setup that I can use either, but I’ve been doing stuff on my laptop (with Pure Data) and recording screen captures, and even doing stuff on my iPhone and recording and posting that, so you don’t need a proper camera and recording setup to get involved.

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Working on a current E.P to submit (wink wink) within the Jamuary month. So far I have 3 tracks mixed down to the -6 db range and ripe for the mastering (hint hint)

Lets keep this neo tween decade roaring with juicy beats and mind blowing treats.


Based off my GPU software I’m able to record video and audio together unless I funnel it through my AI. Not sure what that is. I’ve already tried a few.

I don’t necessarily plan to record a studio version of anything but in that sense, I’d love to record some short videos in relation to quick tripping some ground floor ideas.

I have already been working on a project but don’t think it’s where I want it, privately though.

But yes, I plan on jamming out. I just hope I get to a visual/audio point it’s worth it, even if only for Ableton people. But I’m a heavy midi person so, yea…

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I might do a Jamuary video now.

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Where is anyone at on this? I’ve got a couple ideas down, not sure which one I like for live yet. Guess I better hurry up if I want to make it for Jamuary.

How about we plan a February Album Writing Month instead?

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That’s probably a better idea. We thinking a loose-y goose-y one were everyone sets their own rules?

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