I've been lurking here for a couple weeks

Hey guys! I’ve been reading around on this forum and i finally decided to join up.

I’ve been making music/producing for 8 years now. Started when I was 15 when I listened to the track chainsaw calligraphy by 16bit. I downloaded fl studio and never stopped. I’ve changed genres and aliases a few times. One gained a little following because I was part of a similar community. Over the past 6 months I’ve been learning more and pushing myself. So I’ve decided to “rebrand” I guess you could say lol. Anyway all you guys make some really good stuff. Ive listened to a lot of yall and I’m impressed. I haven’t published anything yet, but if you’re reaaaaally interested (hahah) I could upload some stuff somewhere. Looking forward to talking to some of you!


Welcome to the forum. :smiley: when you get you 30 posts def put sonething up in the Listening Booth. Sharing is caring…or something.

welcome, glad to have you, and yea a lot of talented folks around here : )

I seem to recall listening to some 16bit back in the day.

I still love their old discog. You should revisit it sometime :+1:

haha, if I’m remembering that is some pretty dirty dubstep? 16 bit? I’ve slowed down to 125BPM these days LMAO

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Welcome indeed!

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You are correct haha. I think a lot of people consider them the cause of what happened to the genre. Still a guilty pleasure :wink:

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I just came, my guy from Hong Kong

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definitely share some stuff. I’d love to check it out. good group here. :slight_smile: