iTunes is dead now what

Honestly I think it good news being the copyright issues and them having complete control should you decide to upload your music on there…I guess being that we went from napster…to shit like kazaa…to itunes… then streaming it i.e. YouTube bandcamp spotify…it changed things…so any thoughts

Is it really dead, tho? I mean, I never used it, but from what I’ve heard it’s not exactly “dead,” but being replaced by a subscription service. Wonder what’s gonna happen next.

At least people get to keep their libraries, which is good. One of the biggest concerns rn is what is going to happen to the stuff you bought (rented is more like it) on platforms like that. Imagine Steam going down hahahahahahahah

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Although I prefer to buy shit on sale because it’s easier to keep track of, there’s a bay full of pirates out there to help you get your games back if they ever go under

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arrrr downpour

Yeah, it ain’t exactly gonna be a problem, but then again, people spend money on crap that might be taken away from them just like that one day yikes

not my problem tho pretty much most of the stuff i got there I got for zippo buxx hahaha

Likewise, BC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> iTunes. Primarily bc you get to keep the stuff you buy and you can play it anywhere. itunes looks like crap that’d give me crab hhhhhhh crab xDDDDD

OK, so I knew that itunes was being replaced with apple music, but I figured they were just going to make it so that you could buy songs in apple music if you wanted to.

If that’s not the case, then freaky. Most of my new music comes from bandcamp or just playing it on youtube these days anyways.

I think this really hits home for me for the first time in the “rent everything” lifestyle that big tech is trying to sell us, and I feel like they wouldn’t be so on board with this if there wasn’t something in it for them.


Vinyl record sales are still on the rise, despite having been declared “dead” countless times. I doubt it’ll ever become dominant again - like back in the 70s and 80 - but it’s not going away anytime soon either.

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I have music from my iTunes Library (including my music, albums I bought on Bandcamp, and obscure free tracks I found on the internet) IN my Apple Music app on my phone, so it seems like it’s going to be fine.

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iTunes isn’t dead.
The app is diversifying into subsidiary applications which specialize in different media, one of which will still be music and continue on the same way that iTunes has done for selling and curating music distribution.

The news has been blown way out of proportion to sell more clicks.