It's been awhile


Hi everyone!
I used to frequent these forums about a decade or so ago, I mostly lurked and learned some cool tips and tricks. I noticed the servers started from scratch back in 2018, and now I’m back to see what’s going on around here.
How are the beat battles and contests?


It’s pretty quiet around here these days. We never fully recovered after the server crash. The beat battles continued on for a bit after that, but I think I/we (I was part of the label team at the time) wanted to get too involved. In particular, when BB100 came around we wanted to make a netlabel release out of it, which pretty much irreversibly gummed up the works. Learned a lot from that snafu, but the cost was the health of the beat battles.


Oh damn, that sucks. Well, I’m gonna hang around and see what pops up. I always enjoyed the music that came out of here and I’d like to see this forum thrive.




Oh yeah, absolutely still solid music coming out of here. The label team that replaced me has plans for that, I assure you. Even if the LB seems quiet, we have the “what did you make today” thread that is a pretty good spot for people to show rougher drafts of what they’re up to.


I’m sure if more people show up (or maybe the proper term is ‘come back’?), there’s bound to be more of those awesome community projects going on again. I never really participated in those personally but they were always fun to watch!

Definitely hope you stick around, and welcome back :slight_smile:


Welcome back. Anyone is welcome to start the beat battles back up. I am currently running a Drum and Bass challenge. Next one will get posted on Monday.


I’m looking forward to the next one, thanks!


I need to make some time for a Bb may see if I can pick up the D&B challenge…