It’s not a phase mom

Anyone here listen to Sianvar, Hail the Sun, or Dance Gavin Dance? Wonder if anyone can share similar bands

Not listened to Sianvar or Hail the Sun, but bands similar to Dance Gavin Dance would be:

The Fall of Troy (very similar)

Protest the Hero (also very similar)

Veil of Maya (harsher vocals but similar guitar style in terms of experimental guitar riffs)

The Contortionist (probably the least similar, vocally more melodic, guitar styles shares some similarities in tones though)

what’s this sap

sounds like japanese emo stuff

do you like toe

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Just listen to Arch Echo and Owane and you’re set. I have a metric shitload of this stuff stockpiled and filed under guilty pleasures (my actual label for it is too hot for TV)

Fall of Troy is good, but I’ve burnt out of them. I’ve listen to their ok ok#2, ok#3 last. I tried to like protest the hero, but it’s a hard sell to me, sequoia throne being the best track I think. I like the contortionist track, added thank u

@Lug good stuff, added them,

@xSANTAxDURSTx so far with owane when I skimmed sounded kinda made me think sky eats airplane, the instrumental stuff reminds me of strawberry girls a bit . arch echo is a little out there for me, the keyboard stuff isn’t too appealing, but the guitar has some good stuff going on

Just some random tracks I like

am I wrong or is this the kind of emo math rock you’re looking for?


Don’t know how I ever found this but now I sing it constantly and now my wife hates me

Totally appropriate here, I’m sure

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@Lug yes now we’re getting Warmer to what this threads about. :100: Now we’re starting to cook wit fire :fire:

@xSANTAxDURSTx that’s just giving me duck song vibes,

I don’t have a phase mom, just a regular mom.


The great and mighty Sikth

Some more stuff that’s cool

Some chill shit

This singer is the current aesthetic, dude has a whole side project


Honestly ATDI is the best post hardcore band in the world, but if they need an introduction… here you are sir

Yeah atdi is good I agree, who doesnt like one arm scissor,

For fall of Troy have you listened to the recent stuff?

If you can stick it try a bit of Dillinger