... is there anybody who is smoking pipe?

If you smoking pipe prove it with your photo




… nice piece … must be expansive as hell.

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looks like you’re still baked since 4/20

also, please explain this video from your youtube channel

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… do you have kids? My girl asked me to create video with her favorit toy. So i did …

Do you like riding horses?

… i never did this opulent activity. Why?

… you know me better than me brother. :joy: … this video was just experiment … with this format and with my new Rhode. … i think i was clean that time.

… i dont think its so exotic … its just normal toy for kids and sounds good if you play with … close to condenser mic. Thats enough … you definitely have to try it …

my crack is a smoking pipe


we miss you @Lug


@kostistlac is this the official 420 thread or you legit into pipes and tobacco? My dad had quite a collection when I was young.

omfg I’m too high for this shit as well…this whole website is crazy right now and I love you all


@kostistlac are we talking herb here or…


My car got broken into last year. All they stole was a cheap watch and my Corn Cob pipe. I was not impressed.

Yeah I like to smoke a pipe occasionally. Just a couple of times a year. It’s like a cigar for me (you don’t inhale pipes or cigars) which I used to enjoy many years ago. Fishing on the beach in the summer and enjoying a nice pipe is heavenly! There is a shop about 15 minutes away that sells flavoured pipe tobacco. Cherry and Vanilla is delicious!

… i smoked pipe same as you 5 times a year before but something change in my mind when covid madness begins. I found my old pipe and never bought another pack of cigarettes again. Thank you for your post …

fun fact, a blowjob in french is called une pipe


… im Slovak, we say FAJKA (pipe) and blowjob is FAJKA too. … but this post was not open for this synonymic masturbations.

I haven’t smiked pope since I was like 20. Somebody sell me on it