Is there an waveshaper distortion modulator effects plugin

Just curious if there was a plugin that allowed someone to automate the distortion signal of a waveshaper plugin…ack I’m bm probably not explaining what I’m thinking properly… think scansynthgl plugin where you could manipulate the waveform but with distortion and you can automate the waveform manipulation…

So does such a plugin exist only reason why I’m asking cause out of curiosity and it would save space being that I wouldnt have to bounce and freeze, use sends, or have a complicated fx chain

Or is this a stupid question?

I think you just need to scan through plugins and see what plugin will have automation live/curve. But i think waveshaper line is not automated.

There’s a Linux one i think that was ported to VST called wolfshaper

MeldasMBwaveshaper can modulate any point on the X-Y axis with LFO,envelope followers,velocity and pretty much everything you would associate with modulation

Audiothing Wavebox can do it but the curves are predefined

These are the only ones i know of where this is possible short of cooking up something yourself in MAX or Reaktor (could probably do it with an event table)

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I assumed it one would have to make a custom max/reaktor patch…just curious if there was plugin that did what I did in a tutorial vid using waveshaper and edison… thanks people.


Get Trash2 and thank me later. It’s free with any purchase on PB (plugin boutique). So grab anything for like 5 bucks and it’s yours. It’s still has one of the best multiband distortion and saturation, can even do 2 stages. Everything can be automated.

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the points on the transfer curve aren’t dynamic/automatable on Trash though

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I was thinking about pre/drive/gain/wet sliders using external LFOs/Envelopes like M4L ones (maybe other DAWs have something similar to that), but yeah, you’re correct here. You can’t automate transfer curves. I feel that might also sound like crap lol

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last i remember most of the parameters in Trash on the waveshaper side of things do not have their params/sliders and such interpolated.they click and "zipper"quite audibly when you drag them.they might have a addressed that now as truthfully i haven’t bothered with Trash in years since getting MWaveshaperMB

You can automate the transfer curves in all the plugins i listed definitely.whether it’s useful is a different story and entirely up to personal taste i guess(ya right it can sound kinda pointless)MWaveshaperMB can do parameter updates at close to audiorate at the expense of A LOT of CPU use

Oh shit.there is also BlueCat Audio Destructor which does this as well.probably the most well known as its sold as a guitar emulation(stretching the definition IMO)

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