[irregular techno] Dollhead -


A Seattle artist who does brain-bending B&W grids.

Youtube compression really hates fine B&W lines, so enjoy it in 1080p if possible.

The track itself is an attempt to make techno in an irregular meter (in this case, 7/16).
Some people find it manic/jilting, others meditative and pleasant :man_shrugging:




Gobsmacked - excellent work “fullstop” - love the vibe, riffs, acid, bassline, delicate beats and totally on the money imho. (Oh and yep Im a sucker for any pschedllic visuals - must be my body’s flashback acidity :space_invader:).


Thanks for the messages.
I write very little these days, but Electronic music will never not be my first love.
I think I got slightly better at it now I stopped being a hyper-fixating psycho about it.


Odd time signature rave music is really unexplored.

You’d be surprised how, simply by dividing up odd time sigs, you can get some really cool results. I feel like more mainstream style songs can be made in this style.

I’ve gotten some really sick results out of 5/4 and 7/4 so far, and I’m interested in pushing it further.

The video is insane btw. Great job.