Interactive music making gear, xbox kinect controller, Mi. Mu gloves and the like

I know that an imdf user I think it was synaecide or someone was able to program an xbox kinect controller to do something similar to this…

so what are your thoughts, opinions about such a thing

also here’s the vid of synaecide using the xbox kinect controller for music

I absolutely love the idea since I first saw it. But, of course, expensive, and the mapping would have to be done for just about any use. Of course, you can get used to that, but I find myself rarely using extensive mappings, especially when I have lots of other stuff to do and just want to play a bit. Controllers like that are more for live shows or maybe longer collab jam sessions imho.
Imho all these new and expressive controllers are great, mostly using the LinnStrument nowadays, but before that I got a QuNeo and a Hot Hand controller - the Hot Hand thingy is a bit like the most basic cheapo version of a glove controller you could get: it only senses the 3 axes (and in my case, only 2.5 or something for some reason), but you can do some basic modulating with your hand/arm:

There’s also a basic toy version of the gloves called, not sure how that works though, just saw it online yesterday:

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I got a LeapMotion a few years back but do not really use it. There is a program called I think Gecko that translates the hand movements into Midi. Lots of options there and the tracking is pretty good.


Does moog make a theremin that spits out CV yet? Because that seems like a fun way to do it. Before I ever started making music, I thought it would be the coolest if you had a theremin like interface to control (what I now know) is the resonance and cutoff of a filter.

Also, shapes. I always thought that hipass filters sounded thin, so if you could move two plates together and apart to control a parameter, that would be cool too. Thinking about it now, it could be interesting if you had a line of standing plates and each plate’s distance to it’s neighbors was a CV you could control by moving the plates around, that could be an interesting result. By moving one thing, you’d necessarily impact two parameters (so I guess map them out carefully beforehand). Could be an interesting audience-driven performance art piece…

this is exactly what a Leapmotion does. In 3 dimensions, with two hands and all 10 digits. :sunglasses:
EDIT: yeah, I misread. X.X so no, not directly CV here for the Leapmotion, but you can translate the MIDI, so sort of I guess? :sweat_smile:

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