[Industrial Ambient + Power Noise/Breakcore] LEAD | RUST Double Album


LEAD: https://aformulaformusic.bandcamp.com/album/lead
RUST: https://aformulaformusic.bandcamp.com/album/rust

This is a three artist effort comprising myself, -3.57 and 0. It is a double album exploring the extremes of industrial textures in music, mixed in with themes of construction work.

LEAD is a very hard album to describe. It’s got a composition, it’s just really really slow. I used really drawn out modular synths. Sine waves were forbidden. -3.57 contributed industrial noises and some effects. The idea is to focus on the gradual change of the composition.

The album is incredibly loud. It’s also rendered at ridiculous sample rates (up to 192k Hz), and uses a 360 degree panner called dearVR MICRO. This thing sounds disturbingly natural.

RUST is largely 0’s debut album. He’s a madman. One song is just various riffage of two drum patterns and one synth… it’s disgusting. Another makes extratone sound hard as fuck. We did a ruthless half breakcore half rave track. I made a rave track with a 5/4 juke pattern. -3.57 did some more technical drum programming and the outros of two tracks.

Also, this is the loudest album ever made; literally. Go ahead and give it a check. I dare you. This album is the loudest, by a considerable margin too. We know ways to make it louder too, but we thought the resulting drum tone was too much. This one was not rendered at a high sample rate in order to maximize the crunch.