[Indie Electronica] An Heirloom - Self Titled

A three track EP for fans of music like Dntel, Baths, Thom Yorke, early M83 and Postal Service. Released through Sun Sea Sky Productions (also home to IG88) on 18th December.


This sounds really, really good! Love the sounds used here, the mix, the little fills, the vocal… GOODGOODGOOD! :clap::clap::clap:

Cheers man

Looking foward to hearing the full thing, the preview track is really cool stuff man… I like your voice.

Nice! Always a joy to hear stuff that has a lot of vocals.

I feel like your voice tends to be slightly sharp, but your falsetto is on point. :stuck_out_tongue: I know the EP is finished, but it’s something to think about for future releases.

Cheers Nostromer for the kind words. The vocals are actually from my friend, Remy Bocalatte. My role in the project is making the glitchy music.