In your opinion, what makes the biggest impact on music?


To be clear, YES I know this is a very broad question and YES I know there are a million different answers. I’m just very curious what everyone thinks about this and would love to hear as many perspectives as possible. In your opinion, what makes people enjoy listening to music/ what makes music compelling/ what makes you want to listen to it again, There are no wrong answers…GO!


When it makes me feel. It is usually a little part. A chord change. Something that kills me. That, or stuff that is just super cerebral. That is fun to study but usually doesn’t stand the test of time for me.


That even depends on the kind of music for me. For house and techno it is the infectious groove–I want a dance record that I can listen to all 7-8 minutes (on the longer side of things) and still want to listen to most of the record using. I don’t care about fancy sound design or any of that shit. Keep your fancy Serum patches if I can’t get lost in the percussion and bass line. If you can’t do it for me with like 7-8 samples and a a couple FX sends, go home.


I always say I love dirty basslines and melodies that kill. I think that sums it up. lol
this bassline never changes and it doesn’t have to. I think this has everything I love.


A melting pot of various things like groove, melody, texture…etc


It’s probably generic, but good writing tends to win over everything else. I get sucked into novelty genres with blisteringly fast guitar licks or crazy post-noise (I have to stop using this phrase) textures like everyone else, but typically the best music (for me) is highly melodic and “campfire test”-friendly, just with a lot of grit behind it.


Originality. The wonder of unknown.
Expression. The story of life behind the track itself.