In my opinion Breakcore idm dubstep and edm is dead


I feel like all the former big genres nowadays are just irrelevant…

Maybe I’m just one asshole with an opinion…

Idk about anyone else but i think that electronic music has gone back to being electronica instead of having 500,000 genres and subgenres…

Like… electronic music went through a complex drums phase…than a bass phase…and a dance phase to digivolve into some genre that is a little bit of everything which can still be called electronic music.

But I’m not that plugged in…so…



MTV killed them all


The dance phase has never really ended. While recently “mega festivals” have been the face of the dance scene, the underground–which isn’t even all that underground–has been going strong. The was a lull in the very late 90’s and into the early 2000’s in the US, but worldwide house and techno never took a nap.

Even though it is very much due to our proximity to NY City, Detroit, Ontario and Chicago even Ohio had a pretty decent dance scene until the Pandemic hit. I only had to drive to downtown Akron, OH to hear DJs spinning legit house and techno. There is a lot of interest.

I know you named some specific genres there but I include DnB in this and whatever EDM in the popular vernacular means…Like I went to see DJ SS and Diesel Boy in the last five years w/o leaving my state. And more bass music nights than you can shake a stick at.

I DO think that within the…(poor choice of words here) “online only” community you are right. But I feel like that scene is super fickle and is on to the next thing quicker than anywhere else.


Breakcore definitely seems like it had an internet death, at least. Cardopusher, Blaerg and others seem like they’ve just kind of moved onto something else, stopped playing, or possibly even stopped producing music.

Every time I hear some ‘future house’, ‘future funk’ or even ‘glitch hop’ track, it just sounds like that same old EDM / dubstep kind of thing that was ‘cool’ around the time of Skrillmouse. I’m not entirely fooled by the new names, but I do know that even chiptune has been corrupted by this blasphemy.

These are just internet thoughts, I don’t really go outside :grinning:


The solution:
Don’t stick to making a specific genre, It’s uncreative and boring to just try and fit in, just do whatever sounds good to you. Don’t try to fit in with a specific genre, innovate, experiment and do something new, otherwise you will only be destined for mediocrity.


^^^ This. A million times, this.

But if you really worry about music genres, fear not, I am here to help!!

Make Your Own Music Genre™ (Ages 12-25)

You too can be the Next Big Thing! Simply mix and match below to create the new genre that will revolutionize music for 5 minutes:


@bfk - Being sarcastic here but not against you. I understand what you meant. Genres come and go and everything is cyclic. Maybe paradoxically, the more popular a genre becomes, the more hated it is bound to become some years later, to finally re-appear in a nostalgia sort of rebirth some time later.

There was a French metal magazine in the late 90’s that was great: they invented genre names for each album they reviewed. It was hysterical. What does make me laugh about all those “sub-genres” is that yes, they all feel like someone took the same 25 words, put them in a shaker and picked 2 or 3 to name something that’s slightly different. People are many things. Original is hardly ever one of them.


@bfk you just need cowbell.


Im gonna go with post new future flamenco intelligent mantra .
( I like your chart )

Intelligent dance music

Not repeating mistakes of other people is great but everyone (some) thinking about making a new genre sucks.

People need familiarity within music. The more stupid they are the more familiar it needs to be. I think criticising “stupid” music is useless and hatefull because “stupid” people also need their own bone to chew so those many genres some call stupid forming from edm are just something natural that happens when majority of people dig into it. Also a lot of genres came from “idm” because it is not really elitistic and intelligent.

By thinking about making a new genre people position themselves as a leader even if they lack the ability, therefore having as fans dumber people. If you were going to do what smarter people do better it would be nice, and to not repeat other mistakes.

Another thing is genres do not get created by 1 person. You need some followers that are convinced this “brand new stuff” is indeed robotic disco or drill’n’vapour or whatever.
So if you think you are making a new genre you must do good music, which was probably failed to do to to get such an idea.

Nothing wrong with experimentation, when you know how to put it in use. Having some self control.
About innovation: it is important to consider what was actually made on your own and what not, and the difference between all others, and people generally fail to do that. Also people have different spectrums of what they compare between itself so failure is more possible within many different ears. More the same ears, more tolerance for being uncreative.

Did you automate and set parameters on that synth like nobody else in the world? Good job sir! You must be very talented!

Otherwise, saying to go for a genre is not uncreative in my opinion because all genres are the fucking same. Saying to go for house but in a few clicks it can be “dubstep” or “ambient”, there is no real difference between genres.
If you can turn an ambient track into techno with one kick dont tell me the difference between genres. Or putting 20% distortion on something. People get too creative with the limitations of something out of the appeal of it and laziness.

Add a snare and a hihat, a bass etc. and you can have 569+ genres right there, then it is just all about the patterns you make and sound selection/efx that really makes the music.

Off-topic… I did not even understood you Bfk. I think you have a lot of opinions, cant sort them all you know…
I do not give a fuck about your subjective experience of music as a stream, divided into phases, honestly telling. You should not mind, i should not have written it.

I agree with xSANTAxDURSTx, dubstep and edm is not dead but being repacked as something new to keep selling it to the masses…
Just imagine when 2005-10 kids grow up… we will have more dubstep. It is going to be like dubstep. 2032- dubstep 2 era. New skrillexes.

And just imagine in 80 years…all the music still sounding like edm/dubstep… Is not that wonderfull???
Can music be changed???
Stay here for new 7 random people not doing idm music on the idm netlabel forum posts , they will keep coming, dont miss em!!!

Up next!..

  • Can music be changed?

I do not know about breakcore but i guess the audience has enlarged.

Forgive me for this text… i am going to use my time better


I think we need some Neuro Doom Fuck.


One of the “Problems” of the Internet is an abundance of material to wade through. Not so much wade, I guess. Probably more drown? It’s so easy to make some sounds and upload it to somewhere. I don’t want to go back to the exclusivity of finding music, but sometimes having to wade through mountains of shitty house labelled “IDM” or shitty techno labelled “Breakcore” has really killed my want to search. Plus, lolicore got really popular for some reason, and I wouldn’t be a fan.

I suppose I wouldn’t say it’s dead, because there’s still some cool stuff to find, but now it’s some how HARDER than before the Internet made it so easy to listen to ANY music. I mostly just listen to audiobooks and Coast to Coast AM, to be honest. I’d rather be making music than listening to it.


Duuuuuuude…I wish it were possible to actually search for actual house or techno on Bandcamp for my DJ sets but it isn’t worth the time because everyone who makes DAW music just tags their shit as “house” and “techno” on BC and its just wading through mountains of pure shit for days to find an actual dance record.


I think this is where curation comes in, it’s something I’ve grown to appreciate the last year or so. I know coming from someone who’s been on the label team for years now, that must be terrifying, but it’s the truth. Like, I’ve gotten really into house the last few years, and I’ve now found a handful of youtube channels regularly uploading new stuff that I like. That’s huge. Suddenly, as a producer I know what kind of sound I’m aiming for if I want to get on X channels or playlists. Some of these people also have labels, or label contacts, so I again have a possible in with labels (or just some catalogs to check out if I’m a listener). Community within a genre is everything, because, in an non-exclusive way, they do a great job of gate-keeping and saying what is or isn’t house.

I’ve only been looking for that in house, so I can’t say if this exists for other genres, but I would assume it does. And I think IDM should have that, it needs it, because IDM is such a nebulous term. It blows my mind that the entire AFX discography could at least loosely be considered IDM when you consider the breadth that’s been covered there. So what’s just house with some glitches thrown in and what’s IDM? More than ever, that’s for us the community to decide. IMO, of course.


I love dead music and will keep making it.


Dubstep returned to its underground roots. Brostep died in the mid 10s. IDM, breakcore were never really into the mainstrem.

EDM, which is not a genre, just a term, so electronic dance music was always in the mainstream. Remember techno, house, trance, and nowadays the derivations of these.


Yeah I agree with some of the posts, genres need to die so people can stop limiting themselves to what they create, do people actually set out to make a certain genre of music when they turn on their music gear? I pretty much always just start making and see what comes out.