In love with music


Hi to all!
My name is Anatolii Vered, the owner & founder of “I am Ghost Producer”.
Me and my team make and sell exclusive tracks with 100% of copyright.


hey welcome to the forum, thanks for not immediately spamming your business links as that isn’t really how we do things around here : ) that’s cool that you own your own business, my parents always did when I was growing up (we weren’t rich or anything though lol).

Do you also make music for yourself or DJ? I suspect running your business is more than a full time job.


Hi, Relic!
Thanks for your greetings)
I created music more than 10 years. After that I decided to create platform where people like me could do their favorite thing and earn money from it. Therefore, now I and a lot producers have the opportunity to make music and and sell it to others.


Hello. I’m creating more than 10 years and i’m still bad.


Hi, St3aLth!

Are you still creating music? If yes, don’t give up, keep going!


Been there. At 20 years in, I’m finally figuring out a few things here and there, but still mostly suck

Welcum. I also expected a spam post but you seem to be a real human bean. Hope you stick around :slight_smile:


Hi and thanks!

Real human, real man, real music man)